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Take advantage of advertising's move to video. You can create your own video ad quickly, easily and economically.

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Television advertising is expensive and print ads are often ineffective and difficult to track. With Internet advertising you can monitor how your ads are working and adjust them to meet your changing needs. If a picture is worth a thousand words, vADz are even better.


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Video editor now available in both Flash and HTML5!

vADz Transactional VideoAds ( offer an end-to-end solution for the creation, searchablity and placement
of user-generated VideoAds that combine the users' own video clips, still images and music to create their own unique video.
vADz will offer 3 basic price points to its customers.

vADz are more than just ordinary video ads, vADz are Trackable, Transactional and Searchable. You can include VideoCoupons, informational attachments and even a "click to buy" option powered by Paypal.

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