Easy Steps

  Edit a Coupon Easy steps to making a vADz

  1. Grab your digital camera, and take some pictures and short videos of your business or your products. You can also use videos and pictures supplied by vendors and manufacturers you represent.

  2. Decide on the message you would like to send to your customer. Think about the best and unique features that make your product, service, food and/or activity very special. Tell that story ! Are you introducing a new product or service? Do you have a "special offer" you are promoting? Maybe you want to sell yourself. vADz can be used to make a terrific video resume.

  3. Download your pictures and videos to your Desktop or a vADz folder on your computer.

  4. Register on vADz.com and upload your pictures and videos to the vADz library.

  5. Proceed to the vADz Video Editor. You will see thumbnails of all of your media in the upper left hand window of the Video Editor. Click on your chosen thumbnail and drag and drop your videos and pictures into either the Video A or Video B line. Note the timeline at the top of the video ad. Placement of your thumbnail in the timeline will determine when that particular video, picture, transition or text will begin. (Video A is the main component of your video and Video B is used as the cut-away line.)

  6. Click and drag your chosen Transition into the Transition Line. The "Dissolve" transition will allow your pictures and videos to fade smoothly from one scene to the next. The "Move" transition will move a new picture or video in from the right to the left and the "Resize" transition will bring your new slide or video into the vAdz in an expanding window. You also insert text in the Transitions line. When you have dragged the "Text" transition is into the transition line, click on it. You will see a box in the left hand corner of the video editor. This is where you enter your chosen text and choose the color, font size and placement of the text.

  7. Once your thumbnails are in the Video Editor, you can expand the length of time your picture or video will be shown by clicking on the right hand side of video or photo still and dragging it to the desired length. You can cut a video by clicking "Cut" in the top center of the Video Editor and then clicking on the place in the thumbnail where you would like to make the cut. Transitions can also be shortened or lengthened by dragging the right hand side of the thumbnail to the desired length.

  8. If you would like to add music or other audio with your vADz, you can click and drag your music clips into the "Audio" line.

  9. When you have all of your Media in place in the Video Editor, click the "Preview" button to view your vADz. You can make whatever changes you like at this point to get your vADz exactly the way you want it. When you have edited the vADz to your satisfaction, click "Save".

  10. You will see a screen that asks you for a name and description of your vADz. After you have entered this information, you will see a screen asking for your payment information.

  11. After your payment has been processed, you will be given a vADzLink that allows you to put your vADz on your Facebook, Text Messages, Twitter, Blogs and other Social Media Pages as well as in your e-mails.

  12. Your next stop is the vADz Scheduler. This is your dashboard for all things connected to your vADz. From this page you can edit or view your vADz, set up a coupon or "click to buy" option, schedule an Internet ad campaign, buy additional storage or views, develop a widget for your vADz and get your vADzLink. You can even track the performance of your vADz from this page.

Just 12 Easy Steps from your digital camera to a terrific video. It's that simple. Should you have further questions, just check our FAQ page. We look forward to seeing your vADz!