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How to use vADz.com to Create Online Video that will Help your Local Business

Weekly Webinars - Tuesday @ 11:00 AM EST / Thursday @ 7:00 PM EST

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Chris Burnett (vADz Marketing Director) and Carol Meinhardt (vADz COO) will go over how to use the vADz.com cloud video editor and options to create great online video content. Then they will go over how to use this content in the form of video ads, welcome videos, social videos, and more! This webinar will give you a better understanding about online video and how you can create your own to help engage your audience, increase site traffic, and increase sales!

Included in the Webinar:

  • Walkthrough of the vADz system.
  • How to use the vADz Video Editor.
  • How to use the vADz options.
  • What to do with your video once created.
  • Answering your video questions.


  • A computer with internet access is needed.
  • Above times are in Eastern Standard.
  • Will have 15 minutes of Q and A at the end of each webinar.
Carol Meinhardt Chris Burnett

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