vADz and the new art of sellingWhy does your company need video?

Here are just a few advantages of using vADz:

  1. You control the placement of your vADz. It's not going to show up on a page next to questionable content. Your ad will play where you want it to play and in the context in which you would like to have it seen.

  2. You don't need to get it right the first time. With our $19 package you can edit your vADz, edit your coupons and your product information on the fly. You can make quick changes without filming a whole new ad.

  3. You can add printable coupons, maps, product information and a "click to purchase" option. YouTube cannot give you those options. It will take you about 5 minutes to edit a downloadable coupon so you can adjust to competitive situations in minutes, you don't need to film a whole new ad.

  4. vADz will help you assess the value of your ad by telling you where your views are coming from, how many people downloaded your coupon, how many overall views you have, etc.

In short, vADz can serve as your on-line agency offering an end-to-end solution...helping you create a video ad complete with coupons, maps and other add-ons , publish it to the Web, begin a targeted Internet ad campaign and track that campaign to monitor its success in real time all for as little as $10/month.